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Top 5 BigCommerce Development Themes to Use in 2021

Since 2021 is all about moving to the digital world, shifting your business online is a huge challenge faced by most business owners. However, BigCommerce Development Services enable you to meet this challenge with great efficacy. But, what BigCommerce Development is?


What is BigCommerce Development?

If you have a product/service to sell online, you probably need a strong online platform to sell that product. BigCommerce Web Development offers a solution to develop strongly featured online stores and e-commerce websites. There are thousands of BigCommerce Development themes that may help you attract customers, but it is crucial to choose the right one that enables you to attract as well as retain customers.


You’ve always dreamt of an online store that attracts new potential customers. So, here’s a collected list of unique BigCommerce Development themes that may interest your online store visitors.


Before diving into the BigCommerce Development Themes, let us know some of the BigCommerce Web Development’s benefits.

Benefits of BigCommerce Web Development

One of the best ways for your business to stand out is by Choosing BigCommerce Development Services to build an online store that attracts customers. BigCommerce Web Development is very beneficial. The benefits of BigCommerce Development includes:

  • Website Theme Customization: Lovely, Creative, and Elegant Designs according to the different Business Niches and Sizes; BigCommerce Development allows you to customize the design of your online store according to your customers’ interests.

  • Easy to Use: BigCommerce Development Services helps you to design accessible, clear, and interactive UI and provides a user-friendly approach.

  • Theme Integration: BigCommerce Development enables you to select themes according to your niche and also provides customization for the same.

 BigCommerce Development is very beneficial in order to make your business successful. 

Top 5 Unique BigCommerce Development Themes

The best way for your Online Store to be noticed is by choosing a suitable theme that instantly grabs the visitor’s attention. So, here is the collection of the Top 5 BigCommerce Web Development Themes that would work in your favor.

  1. Beautica – The Premium BigCommerce Theme

A theme ideal for cosmetics but is also perfect for fashion, jewelry, shoe stores. This theme is the ideal combination of clean and professional online stores. If you own a beauty store and want to run a high-quality website, beautica is a super-stylish theme to attract all the fashion freaks. 


It comes with many good features, including the Product Label Section, Product Image Swipe Feature, and drop-down login bars. With Beautica, you can also experience brand banners and sliders.


  1. Brooklynk – A Complete Fashion Theme

Brooklynk is the theme that knows the importance of the first impression. So, if you are looking for a theme that perfectly matches your website’s fashion theme, Brooklynk is the right choice for you. This theme uses slideshow banners and hot blocks on the homepage.


Brooklynk offers a stencil framework, a unique responsive design, and an option to switch between the list ad grid feature. It also has an Instagram Module that helps you to connect your social feed. If you are looking for a perfect Fashion theme, this is it.

  1. Fortune – A Responsive Minimal Theme

Fortune – A Theme designed for small and medium-sized stores having high-level sales. The most attractive facet for this design is the full-size product images shown in full display. Fortune offers a wide range of fonts, colors, grids, and other customization options to make you happy.


This theme is based on a minimal approach and ensures that everything on the website looks minimal yet attractive. There are four different styles available in Fortune which suit every type of website.

  1. Arcade Light – Premium Experience Theme

If you are looking for an online store theme that drives more sales, Arcade Light is the one for you. Arcade Light is the theme that utilizes bold call-to-action buttons, in-built user reviews, and detailed product comparison charts. 


Arcade Light offers multiple navigation styles and four professional styles that help you make your online store look attractive for the customers. This theme also provides free customer support and numerous other solutions that make you feel like you are getting a premium experience.

  1. eMartica – Completely Different BigCommerce Theme

eMartica – A completely different theme from other BigCommerce Themes, yet clean and elegant. The first thing a visitor notices in this theme is the neat block display of the different products. This layout is beneficial in showing a variety of products and categories.


While exploring this theme, you may get multiple features like mega menu, list, grid switching option, and Ajax Popup functionality for registration. This theme is the best to engage your audience.


Which options will you be trying in 2021? Remember, there are plenty of BigCommerce Development themes to choose from for your online store. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different designs and choose the one which is the best for your business.


The above themes come with all the features ranging from responsivity to multiple customization options. Choose the one you like the most for your Online Store and expand your business with a growing number of customers.


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