Top 7 Benefits of Classified Clone Script like Quikr or Olx

Top 7 Benefits of Classified Clone Script like Quikr or Olx post thumbnail image

Classified apps are extensively used for various purposes, like selling used items or to list jobs. The software development companies are resorting to Classified Clone Script to meet the clients demand of a high-end classified mobile application or website.


In this article, you will learn the reasons that make classified clone scripts like Quikr and Olx so popular.


Top 5 Classified Apps of 2021


  • Olx Clone App

  • Quikr Clone App

  • Hot Sale

  • World Classified

  • Letgo

Facts and Figures


According to the report of Statista, it is clearly mentioned that Ad spending in classified will be estimated to reach around US$ 19, 776 million in 2021. 

Classified clone scripts make all the difference


Since the idea of a Classified App Development first strikes your mind, you must be toggling between developers and strategies to create your classified clone apps like Quikr or Olx. 


Chances are that you are likely to get confused in choosing a clone script or app development from scratch. While developing a product from scratch has some merits, it is a time-consuming and costly alternate.


If you are budget and time constraint, then selecting a classified clone script is a better option. Scroll through this section to discover the 7 major benefits of the right clone script like Quikr and Olx.


  1. A robust platform: Choosing the right clone script can make a huge difference that will determine your classified app’s success. Using clone scripts of popular classified platforms like Quikr or Olx ensures that your app hosts tried and tested functionalities to give the users a hassle-free experience.


  1. Advanced functionalities: Another great advantage of using classified clone scripts like Quikr or Olx is advanced features that offer an ultimate user experience. Moreover, you can make changes in the structure to add or eliminate features as you desire. 


  1. Time-saving: If you are running short on time, then the classified clone scripts are exactly what you need. Selecting a proven classified clone script will help you get the desired results in a short period of time, making your venture ready for a quick start. 


  1. Minimalistic cost: The moment you say yes for a clone script is when you save a lot of money that otherwise would have been required for the long time and efforts of the software developers to create your classified website and application.


  1. 100% Personalization: Selecting a clone script does not mean that you will get a product that resembles the original version. Instead, it gives you the structured code that can easily be altered for complete personalization, be it the features, branding, logo etc.


  1. Connect nearby: Enriching your clone app with new-age technologies will help users get optimized search results and suggestions. Using a tried and tested clone script will ensure that the users get nearby search results.


  1. Hikes up the success rate: While you use the Quikr, Olx or similar clone scripts, you will be well versed with the merits and limitations of the app. It allows you to mould the app development so that hikes up the user engagement and eventually, the success rate of your business application. 




Following the benefits that are mentioned above, selecting a classified clone script can be a profitable decision. It is suggested that you take the assistance of an experienced software development company before settling with any of the clone scripts. 


If you are also looking to develop an app like the classified app and want to stand out in front of others, hire experienced developers that caters to all your needs. 

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and reach the right Classified App Development Company and get your project started.

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