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Top Must-Visit Place in Tampa 2021


Tampa is one of the famous cities of Western Florida and is also known as the economic center. Well, this beautiful destination is popular among travelers, especially because of Busch Gardens. It is one of the ultimate destinations in Tampa that attracts many tourists worldwide every year. Here, you can enjoy being in an amusement park and the zoo at the same time. There are also other famous destinations in Tampa where you can witness different types of animals like zoos, big cat sanctuaries and aquariums, etc. 


Tampa is recommended and preferred as a family-friendly destination where you can enjoy yourself to the fullest with your family and friends. So, are you getting excited to visit Tampa? If yes, then you need to make Spirit airlines reservations. Also, if you are getting stuck between finding the top must-visit places in Tampa to explore, this post will help you. Here, in this post, you will get the list of top must-visit places in Tampa to explore in 2021. You can choose your favorite places and add them to your list. There are lots of amazing places to explore with your beloved ones.


  • Let’s explore the ultimate tourist attraction – Busch Gardens.


Busch Gardens is the most popular destination in Tampa, and tourists worldwide love to visit here. This beautiful 365-acre garden has lots of amazing things to showcase to its visitors. Here you can witness an adventure park and African-themed family entertainment that includes live music, thrill rides, exotic animals and performances. You can also get a chance to witness kangaroos and giraffes closely. Busch Gardens is widely preferred and recommended to visit by millions of tourists. 


  • Visit the Museum of Science and Industry.


If you love exploring museums and have a fondness for science and industry, then the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa could be the place you should visit. This amazing museum attracts millions of visitors who want to experience and learn about science and technology. Here you will be entertained with the basics of math, physics and other interesting principles. If you have kids in your group, they will love this spot. This museum has many exciting things to showcase to its visitors. 


  • Witness the wildlife animals in Tampa Zoo at Lowry Park.


If you wish to visit beautiful natural habitats, then this could be the best you should explore. Tampa Zoo is situated at Lowry Park with more than 2000 animals from different areas like Asia, Australia, Africa, etc. If you visit this place, you will witness many animals like Florida Panthers, African Elephants, African Penguins and the famous Bornean Orangutan. So, if you are getting excited, you can visit this place by making American airlines reservations


  • Let’s visit the Florida Aquarium.


Florida Aquarium of Tampa is one of the ultimate destinations with lots of amazing water animals to showcase. Kids will love visiting this aquarium. If you want to enjoy another level in this aquarium, you pay extra charges for in-depth interactions like enjoying with African Penguins or swimming with sea turtles. This destination could be among the best places that you have ever visited.


  • End your excursion to Tampa by visiting the Big Cat rescue.


Big Cat Rescue is a popular wildlife sanctuary of Tampa responsible for providing shelter to abandoned and abused big cats. This wildlife sanctuary is a non-profit organization that offers a home to leopards, lions, servals, tigers, caracals, jaguars, lynx, bobcats, and many other big cat species. You will indeed get the best experience of life visiting Big Cat Rescue. 


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