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Ultimate guide of boxers for men


Handiness of boxers for men

Humans have strived for comfort in every field you could think of. Comfort, curiosity, and convenience are three C’s that are responsible for the technological advancement that we see today. These three C’s are also responsible for changing trends in clothing as well. So many styles evolved and died as humans went on to invent and experiment. However, there is one garment that has never gone out of style. Its popularity is going manifolds day by day because of various reasons. They were made specifically for men, but now the category for women has also evolved making it gender-neutral. It is converting into a style statement because it combines style and comfort which you can rarely find in any other garment that you could think of. It deserves being popular for these many reasons.


Boxers can offer endless permutations and combinations

Boxers for men are underrated garment. It is time to bust the myth that they are only loungewear. Their usability and easy to carry factor is what makes boxers for men eligible for outdoors as well. They are so easy to carry that you can always pack 1-2 boxers with you even if you carry a mini bag pack. Their shape allows breathability and easy movement of legs which is exactly what you need when you walk, do household chores, go out for casual business, or decide to have dance and fun. Also, a lot of patterns and prints along with designs have evolved considering that the demand for boxers of men is spread among different age groups and people in all walks of life.

Those who don’t like much funky prints and prefer a simple lifestyle can opt for solid colors in boxers for men such as plain sage green, plain black, or plain navy blue, and combine them with any polo shirt or t-shirt and you are ready to walk in your surroundings. Those who go the extra mile when it comes to looking, those who like a little fun and energy, they can have panda print, mickey mouse print, space print, SpongeBob print, and many such quirky prints that you can go for. Less experimenting and boxers which can suit both indoors and outdoors are line grid navy blue, plain grizzle grey and checks light pink printed boxers for men as well, although there are some online shopping websites which can offer more as well.


Material and structure of a boxer

A garment can never satisfy you if it doesn’t provide you comfort, and boxers can never be such items as every boxer is made keeping in mind the comfort factor. Their stitching is a deciding factor. If a boxer is stitched well, it is surely going to have lots of buyers. The stitching ensures that boxers for men have a regular fit, i.e. it has just the right fit, not too loose, not too tight. Cotton tops the charts in terms of the best material for fabric as it is very smooth on the skin and doesn’t cause rashes. So generally boxers are made of cotton. But nowadays polyester is also being blended with cotton to provide strength to the fabric, which increases the durability of boxers. A fabric that can absorb sweat and moisture stays odor-free, doesn’t cause rashes and itching is what exactly you should look for in boxers for men. Don’t buy a boxer if it is not summer-friendly. Also, a boxer is boring and not useful if it doesn’t offer double side pockets and a back pocket. So, choose a boxer which can offer both.


Maintenance and care

Maintaining men’s boxers are very easy. They are quick to wash and dry but a piece of advice here is that for the first wash, wash them separately and don’t wash with other clothes. For washing the next time you can always put with others in a machine. Like other clothes, don’t wash in cold water, use mild detergent, dry in shade, do not iron directly or scrub on print, don’t bleach, and do not tumble dry, dry on a flat surface if possible to avoid any measurement variations. Just follow the basic drill like any other garment you wash.


Where to buy

Buy it online. Why? Because online shopping offers unlimited styles, patterns, and colors to choose from along with sizes that suit all body types. In online mode, they are available in small, medium, large, and extra-large ensuring that demands of all the body types can be met at a single platform. Some Indian startups have managed to bring both style and comfort under one platform and the prints are inspired by ideas of masses of Indians and so that a boxer for men doesn’t look alien in your wardrobe. Buy it online from Indian startup brands that can offer you quantity and quality in a budget that suits all.



Conclusion: Buying boxers is a good choice for men to update their wardrobe and style.


Summary: This article talked about men’s boxers in great detail and gave an example of where to buy to get the correct estimate of prices. It also pointed out the benefits of having boxers.


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