Unknown benefits of ginger oil for erectile dysfunction-4a18c289

Unknown benefits of ginger oil for erectile dysfunction

Unknown benefits of ginger oil for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is male weakness which makes it difficult for a male to get and sustain an erection. The erection issue is a visible symptom of some underlying physical health or mental health issue. There are medicines doctors suggest curing the erection problem, but males prefer non medication methods including natural remedies.

Natural remedies are preferred by males to cure the problem and get the lasting solution. Among natural remedies, use of herbs and spices to remove the basic causes is considered the safest remedy. In this case, ginger oil and ginger as an ingredient in cooking is used to increase blood circulation. Erectile dysfunction at the cellular level is a circulation problem. Thus, by increasing blood circulation, ginger cures erectile difficulties.

Role of ginger oil in curing erection difficulty

There are many causes behind the erection problem a male faces. In most cases, the problem is due to insufficient blood movement towards the pelvic area. When blood flow is not enough to enlarge the male organ, the erection problem arises.  The insufficient blood flow may be due to lack of dilation in blood vessels. The damage done to blood vessels by smoking and alcohol consumption also restricts the blood flow.

The role of ginger comes in relaxing blood vessels and creating space for increased blood flow towards the male organ.  According to experts the active compounds in ginger, gingerol, shogaol, and Zingiberene, have shown positive impact on blood vessels. Researchers of a Japanese university found that gingerols relaxed the blood vessels in rats.

The same effects were noticed in males when they used ginger oil as massage oil around the pelvic area. The stimulation of the area relaxed blood vessels around the male organ. The result was better erection. However, there is no evidence to show that a severe case of erection issue, for which doctors prescribe Generic Levitra 60 mg , can be cured with applying ginger oil.

Ginger oil as aphrodisiacs

The ginger oil when used as massage oil also acts as a strong aphrodisiac. The fragrance of the ginger is considered aphrodisiacs.  The impact on male arousal is due to the warm, strong spicy scent, and relaxant impact of the ginger oil. Males who use ginger oil as a support to the erection process also use 200 mg Sildenafil citrate on doctor’s recommendation to overcome greater erection resistance.  Unlike other herbal supplements, ginger oil can be used safely with the erection boosting medicines.

Research results on ginger oil for erectile dysfunction

Ginger oil was involved in studies on rats where rates showed improvement in blood circulation. However, none of the study involving ginger oil was conducted on males with erectile dysfunction. It is hard to say that ginger oil can help a man with moderate or high erection difficulty to get an erection.

Ginger oil can be used like essential oils for enhancing arousal state. Like essential oils such as red rose, lavender or jasmine oil, ginger oil with carrier creates the right mood for males with depression. It is a serious aid to lower the gloomy mood and remove psychological barriers, which are causes behind erectile issues in some males. But ginger oil is relaxing and has shown promise. Never take ginger oil by mouth. As massage oil, use ginger oil only for topical use .Use carrier to dilute the ginger oil, if its aroma is too strong for you. Since physical stimulation is an essential prerequisite for an erection, use ginger oil massage for stimulation.


There is no conclusive study or evidence to show that males with erectile dysfunction can be cured with ginger oil. The studies showing improvement in blood circulation were conducted on rates rather than on males with erectile issues. Ginger oil cannot be substitute for treatments suggested by medical experts to cure erectile difficulties. Consult a doctor to know the causes behind erection issue and take suggested steps to get the



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