Way & Version of CSS

Way of Adding Cascading Style Sheet

There are 3 ways of adding css.

  •  Internal sheet
  • External sheet
  •  Inline Style

Internal Style Sheet

Internal sheet square measure created victimization ‘style’ component, that is further within a ‘head‘ component of HTML Document.


 External Style Sheet

  •  It is a separate document that contains solely CSS rule.
  • It shouldn’t contain any HTMLTags.
  •  It has .css Extension.
  • It is access through the link.


One document is save with .html extension.

Inline Style

this type {of vogue|of favor|of fashion} is fixed with AN HTML tag victimization style attribute.


Version of CSS

There are 2 Version of CSS :-

  •  CSS-2
  •  CSS-3


  • Specially used to webpage designing.
  • Using CSS2 we will not style enticing web content, it’s style an easy web content.
  •  It have long-long methodology for planning.

 Note :- CSS-2 is outlined as Cascading vogue Sheets, level 2(CSS2). CSS2 vogue language permits the developer & USer to incorporate the Style(e.g., Fonts, Spacing, etc.) to structured documents(like as:- hypertext mark-up language docuemnts and XML applications).


  • CSS3 is employed to style enticing web content.
  • We add Some completely different options exploitation CSS3 as compare to CSS2 like :-
  •  Motion Graphics.
  • Transition Effects.
  •  Visual Effects.

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