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Wedding photo booths are trending these days and becoming an integral part of almost every wedding and receptions. It is a participatory activity for all age groups with multiple benefits and fun elements. Photo Booths give life to the party and definitely a must-have that makes your wedding day great to amazing. Maybe it steals some attraction and divides the crowd, but your guests will definitely get an unforgettable memory of your wedding. There are numerous ideas of Wedding Photo Booths, from which you can select any, according to your wedding theme, budget and need. We are sharing some with you:


  1. Vintage photo booth: You can add vintage old furniture, lamps, and doors to give it the look of a perfect set.

  2. Paris in the Spring: It works best with an outdoor event. The Eiffel Tower’s replica decorated with flowers gives romantic vibes and is perfect for your wedding. 

  3. Photo booth with Live Performers: Make your photo booth more quirky and extraordinary with live performers. 

  4. The Love Boat: A rope, a boat wheel, and a lantern give the complete look of a love boat. This rowboat photo booth will make you drown in the ocean of love. 

  5. A Secret Garden: A garden with abundant foliage and fresh flowers with the right lighting gives it a look like a gorgeous spring morning. 

  6. The Flying Carpet: Inspired by the tale of Aladdin and Jasmine’s love story, you can add a flying carpet as a backdrop and can make your Arabian Nights theme with a canopy tent and some Arabian touches along with a photo booth. 

  7. A Bicycle Meant For Two: A decorated bicycle for your guests to pose with gives a romantic vibe and a great feel of old times. 

  8. Frames Forever: This photo booth looks gorgeous both indoors and out. With an artsy and magical frame with vibrant bouquets and floral elements, your guest will take a perfect shot. 

  9. Vintage Scooter: It gives an old fair feel. A vintage scooter with a sidecar gives a retro feel. You can add a postcard also as a backdrop to complete the look.


To avoid any boomerang effect, you need to select your wedding photo booth very carefully. We are sharing some tips that will help you select the best Photo Booth rentals for your special day.


  1. Meet the photo booth team and look at their behavior as it is a must to create a friendly, service-oriented atmosphere at a show. 

  2. Check out the photo booth props and backdrops, that they are clean and not worn. The backdrops will be spotless and not wrinkled. 

  3. Confirm the most important equipment of the photo booth, the camera type. Choose a DSLR camera that delivers high quality, crystal clear picture and print.

  4. Check about the quality of the picture, how the photo strip is designed, along with your name and your wedding date.


Don’t stick with one photo booth company; gather up all the deals and deadlines to book and get the best photo booth deal. 

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