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What Accounts For Unusual Early Signs of Pregnancy: A Checklist

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in every woman’s life. There are tons of experiences that you feel every day with a new life growing inside of your womb. While most of these experiences are beautiful and feel magical, there are also a number of experiences that count for unusual early pregnancy symptoms. Here is a list of all of them!

The constant challenge of constipation

Feeling bloated and wanting to pass gas is usually very normal for all of us, but it is not so easy when you are going through some unusual early pregnancy symptoms a checklist. Wanting to feel light and just getting done with the number two, but it’s not happening? Welcome to the world of experiencing Weird early pregnancy symptoms. Your pregnancy hormones cause you to constipate, and so can prenatal vitamins.

This is because your digestive system tends to slow down during your pregnancy. This allows the nutrients and enzymes to get extra time in order to absorb into your bloodstream and finally reaching your little one.

You can avoid this by introducing more fibre to your diet. Also, drink plenty of water and other fluids and exercise regularly, about 3-5x times a week. If the conditions are still not normal or okay, you can check with your doctor and get to add any pregnancy-safe stool softener.

Always hungry? That’s an unusual symptom of pregnancy!

Another one making it to the list of unusual early pregnancy symptoms is a constant feeling of hunger. You might feel like you can eat forever and will still be hungry! On top of that, if you identify as a person who is usually in check of their snack consumption, you might suddenly find yourself dipping in the jar of chocolate and spreading it all over your bread, munching non-stop.

Constant and extreme hunger is one of the Unusual Early Signs of Pregnancy. It might also feel like the feeling of constant hunger that you experience right before your period. We can only say eat til’ you drop but eat all things healthy to take care of yourself and your baby.

The confusion of implantation bleeding

You can also call them fake periods. One of the unusual early pregnancy symptoms is stomach cramps. These cramps are a result of the fertilized egg attaching itself to the uterus lining and may feel very similar to menstrual cramps. As a result of this similarity, many women often mistake implantation cramps as the start of their period when it is just one of the unusual signs that may mean you’re pregnant. However, this alone is not the only symptom that indicates pregnancy. It is wise to wait for other pregnancy symptoms to appear.

How do you like the taste of metal?

Yes, believe it or not, this happens. We are as surprised as you are, but it is the reality. Pregnancy causes a massive rise in the estrogen and progesterone levels in a woman’s body. The changes in these hormones can lead to changing tastes and choices for different women.

In many cases, the situation worsens and reaches a condition that is called Dysegusia. This is when pregnant women get a taste of metal inside their mouth. While this is unusual, it is not very uncommon. You might start feeling like you were chewing on some old-time pennies alongside your chicken sandwich for breakfast. While this metallic flavor is recurring, you can easily get rid of it by chewing on sugar gummies, chewing gums or simply some saltines. You should also opt for drinking colder liquids and eating spicier foods in order to do away with the metallic taste.

Turn up the heat levels; it’s a warm time!

Another pointer on the list of Unusual early pregnancy symptoms is a rise in body temperatures. After your ovulation period, your mornings start to feel warm as your body temperature elevates a slight bit every morning after the ovulation process has taken place. The fun or not so fun part? It stays the same till you get your next period. This body temperature is known as basal body temperature. It stays elevated for more than or around two weeks approximately while you may be pregnant.

Sleep problems here we go!

Tiredness and dizziness are one of the most common and evident signs of pregnancy. It holds a fixed place right after morning sickness. Tiredness is also one of the unusual early signs of pregnancy. If you have missed a period cycle and you are feeling extremely dizzy, it’s time to get that test done. During this unusual early pregnancy symptom, you might feel constant tiredness that makes you hit the bed early or never leave it in the first place. Your sleep pattern starts getting distorted, and you might feel exhausted the entire day.


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