What are the advantages and disadvantages of booking doctor’s appointments online?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of booking doctor’s appointments online? post thumbnail image

With the digital age, technology to has seen a vast change. Even in the medical sector technology plays an important role, one simple example being booking a doctor’s appointment which has become very easy today. Instead of waiting in long lines, now all you have to do is book your appointments online.

There are even systems which provide secure booking, and payment facility online.

While online booking has become the norm, there are still places where the old fashioned, telephone-based system and scheduling tools are being used which requires manpower to coordinate and organise those bookings manually.  

Max Online Booking

Max hospital has been providing its customers both big and small, the freedom to book their appointments online. This has not only helped boost business but also simplified the booking system for both customers as well as staff.

Based on our experience, these are some of the advantages and disadvantages of an online booking system.

Advantages of Online Booking Systems

1.      Saves Time:

If you look at the workflow of your customer service staff, then you will better be able to understand how much the time they are saving by not attending to calls for people to make an appointment, explaining the various doctors available and managing their schedule. While the earlier system was totally based on manpower, now things are quick and properly managed.

With online booking, the patients get to choose their own date and time and accordingly plan their visit well in advance.

2.      Removing the bottleneck of phone booking systems

When individuals picked up calls to make the booking, there were times when one bad call could reduce your business. The online booking removes this bottleneck. It allows you to take bookings at any time of the day, which earlier was not very feasible. This will not only free up your time but also may open up a new revenue stream.

Also, online booking helps in managing your calendar properly. You can avoid too mush rush or crowd in your hospital by the proper booking system.

3.      Greater sales and marketing synergy

How often can your customer service representative mention all the information about your doctors and hospital in one call? Well, online booking frees you from that tension. With the website, you can help the customers navigate to all the information they require thus increasing your sales.

Websites today are the repository of information, also how about providing the customer with the opportunity to book appointment alongside.

4.      Modern Approach

Today is the digital age, where no one is opening phone books to make a call. Everything is now available online and if they can find a booking appointment tab too along with your services. Through this, you will not miss out on the opportunities that the internet has open for various businesses.

By integrating your booking platform with your product pages, you can go where, increasingly, all of your customers are.

5.      Increased revenue thanks to upselling

In this time where the healthcare industry is booming in India and has some stiff competition, upselling your hospital by providing special amenities can help increase your revenue.

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The simple way to do so is by mentioning it to the customer when they come to you for online booking.

These are some advantages that Max Healthcare has experience after incorporating the Max healthcare Online Booking portal.

Disadvantages of Online Booking Systems

Each coin has two faces and similarly does the online booking. Let us now look at the other side.

1.      Can come at a cost

One of the main reasons why many healthcare institutions are still not incorporating online booking is that it comes at a monetary cost.

While you may get some free trials and free online booking at first, but later they are chargeable. While some software’s charge per transactions, others have a flat monthly fee. Even if you are going for a custom-made booking platform, then to you will have to pay a lot for a development cost.

So, if you have a small business, then online booking platform can cost you more than the actual benefit you will incur from it.

2.      Requires internet access

While the internet facility is everywhere, in India we still struggle to find a proper internet connection, which is also one of the disadvantages of online booking.

3.      It’s Impersonal:

For any new customer, Online booking eliminates the initial connection between your business and customer. So having an employee take care of the booking provides a personal touch to the interaction.


Before you opt for the online booking system make sure that you sit and weigh both the pros and cons. While online booking systems open your business up to a range of opportunities it will only be beneficial if you can bring in more revenue from it than the cost of an online booking platform. If you have made your decision are you ready to leap?




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