What are the Best Vape Pens to Quit Smoking?

What are the Best Vape Pens to Quit Smoking? post thumbnail image

There is a very big difference between smoking and vaping. Vaping is a healthier version of smoking since it is not as addictive as smoking. Quitting smoking is difficult especially when you don’t have a replacement for it. You cannot wake up one morning and stop smoking all of a sudden.

As much as you wish to quit smoking, it is easier when you find what to replace it with. Vaping has turned out to be the perfect replacement. This is only possible when you find the right vape pens to give you more pleasure than smoking. In this article, we focus on the top vape pens to help you quit smoking in 2021.

CBDfx Terpenes Vape Pen

CBDfx Terpenes Vape Pen is filled with a full spectrum CBD. This disposable vape pen contains 50 mg of naturally flavored CBD and Terpenes. Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds in the cannabis plant that give strains their unique flavor.

There is a very big difference between nicotine smoking and vaping this type of CBD. It is more enjoyable and smooth, free from carcinogens. With time, as you continue vaping, it becomes a routine and you end up quitting smoking.

Dr. Dabber Light Vape Pen

This is the perfect counterpart to the amazing and award-winning Dr. Dabber Ghost. The vape pen is up to date with the latest technology of low-heat titanium. As small as it looks, it incorporates high-quality components all in a small, stealthier, and slimmer design.

Because of its design and size, you can move with it comfortably and get healthy puffs at any time. It also ensures that you are getting potent puffs without altering your favorite flavor. This will make you enjoy and celebrate vaping while you slowly forget about smoking.

RELX Classic

RELX Classic is a prefilled pod vape that comes in more than 20 flavors to choose from. It contains a rechargeable battery of about 350 mAh to help you get several puffs before recharging. The flavors come in 5% or 3% with international tastes.

The pods contain a micro honeycomb juice feed and FEELM wicking. After JUUL, RELX Classic comes second worldwide as the best. Unlike ordinary vape pens, you will get the best vaping experience to help you forget smoking.

Kandypens Rubi

Kandypens resemble JUUL in almost all aspects except that Kandypens are refillable. Unlike JUUL, Rubi allows you to use your own CBD oil, nicotine strength, or flavors. Nicotine is very addictive and one of the best ways to quit is by lowering amounts gradually.

Rubi vape pens are the best in controlling nicotine amounts. It also works very well with CBD juice if you want to try CBD in place of nicotine. This is one of the best gadgets that can help you quit smoking.

Is vaping safer than Smoking?

Smoking is a habit practiced across the world that once you begin, it is not easy to stop. A lot of substances can be smoked including tobacco, cannabis, and so on. A few years ago, vaping surfaced, and since then, it has raised a lot of excitement among cannabis enthusiasts.

Currently, it is regarded as one of the safest ways to consume cannabis. There is however a debate about its safety health-wise. To best understand how safe it is, vaping is compared to smoking. When specifically talking about cannabis, smoking and vaping give almost similar effects. What varies is the resulting side effects.


Research shows that vaping is healthier when compared to smoking because of so many reasons. The primary reason is that vaping filters out carcinogens found in the cannabis plant. Unlike joints where you inhale the smoke directly, vaping is all about vapor.

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