What is PrinCube & How PrinCube Works? – Detailed

What is PrinCube & How PrinCube Works? – Detailed post thumbnail image

The Internet is loaded up with huge loads of remarkable and imaginative thoughts, used to make our lives all the more simple and gainful. One such gadget that got us by consideration is the PrinCube review shading printer

It is the world’s littlest portable shading printer that prints on any surface. Indeed! Any surface either smooth or ruff. It’s lightweight, convenient, and fits directly into your hands. So how can it work and what is the general presentation? In this post, we have shared everything identified with Princube. 

PrinCube is a lightweight compact shading printer that fits in the palm of your hand. The printer works with Wi-Fi and interfaces with your telephone to deal with all the printing work. It works basically or on any hard surface. PrinCube takes the force of Inkjet printing to the following level and give us highlights, none other gadget can offer. 

Chips away at any Surface 

Perhaps the greatest restriction of any printer is that it won’t deal with most surfaces. Up to this point, costly screen-printing and etchers are needed to print any plan, letter, or logo. 

Presently with PrinCube, you can print on any surface or material. This incorporates wood, cowhide, paper, metal, materials, plastic, and substantially more. Need an extraordinary mark on your #1 cup? Use PrinCube to draw it. 

Tattoo Printer 

Notwithstanding the surface, you can print on your skin too. Simply rub it on all fours tattoo configuration is accessible quickly. 

Clear Color 

The convenient printing choice is simply restricted to Black and White tone. PrinCube permits you undeniable help for shading printing. It uses 3-Color Thermal Ink-stream Technology to furnish us with distinctive shading printing. 

Multi-line printing 

PrinCube additionally empowers multi-line printing like a champ. With this item, you can print a sum of 3m/9.8 feet content utilizing the inherent multi-line highlight. 

How PrinCube Works? 


The most amazing aspect of utilizing PrinCube is that you don’t need to download a particular application from Google Play Store or Apple Store. You should simply visit a program URL and you’re associated with the gadget. To utilize the gadget 

Switch the force button 

Go to your telephone remote settings and interface it with Wi-Fi.Presently enter the URL in your #1 program . 

From here you can open a past project or make another one 

Test your abilities with the Packman layout 

What you will get in the Box? 

In the container, you’ll get the PrinCube gadget, a USB Type-C link, Ink cartridge (HP OfficeJet 5746), and 2 test bits of dark paper. 

How’s the Battery Life? 

The item accompanies a non-removable battery compartment, which limit isn’t referenced by the producer. A solitary charge will give you 6 hours of runtime. Likewise, the item can chip away at a 1-year reserve without depleting the battery or the InkJet (if it’s deliberately shut). 

Step by step instructions to Print with PrinCube 

When you’ve effectively associated with your gadget, go to the program URL and make another choice. Here you can transfer pictures, text, or anything that can be printable. Set the immersion, differentiation, murkiness, and make changes whenever required. When done, tap on the Print catch and it will change over it into the gadget. 

The wireless printer memory can hold up to 20 inputs and will continue from the past determination whenever utilized. Tap on the center catch and delicately slide on a superficial level. To begin with, give it a shot a clear paper to get the best outcomes. In the event that the picture isn’t appropriately obvious, you can clean the spout of the printer roller. 

PrinCube Price: 

Up until now, the gadget has stunned us regarding plan, conveyability, and workspace elements. Presently you might be pondering that it will be costly and the greater part of us can’t manage the cost of it. You will be shocked to realize that PrinCube just expenses $129. Furthermore, you can get it from the authority Indiegogo Link. 


In this post, we have given all you require to think about prinCube. Up until this point, the lone disadvantage we could discover was the overall accessibility. Princube printer amazon ? PrinCube isn’t as of now accessible on Amazon, and the lone way you can purchase is through the Indiegogo site. 

So to finish up our PrinCube survey, we can gladly say that it was the most inventive and novel gadget we could test. Get your hands on this item if it’s conceivable.

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