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What kind Of Professional Team you require to Build a Company Website

Many companies have to deal with creation of web design Dubai, but it is often not clear what type of professionals are required to do the job. Here I gather what you can expect.

Usually for professional companies in United Arab Emirates, all web designingwork are assigned to web designing companies. This approach is ideal if you don’t want to hire a dedicated professional team to create your website.

But today we will help you identify the professionals required to build web design Dubai for your company.

Web Designer / Graphic Designer

Designs and draws the visual appearance. So he makes up what the website design will look like.

Front End Developer

A professional who edits the HTML / CSS source of a page based on a drawn design (which is actually an image), making the image a “live” web page that can be clicked in a browser. These HTML files are the basis for the appearance of the website.

Backend Developer

Originally it was a single “profession”, today there is often a specialization towards either the frontend or the backend. The former deals with visual appearance programming and the latter with server-side operation. It also includes the field of front end development, although it is often specialized independently by professionals.

Copywriter / Marketing Copywriter / SEO Copywriter

It checks and corrects existing texts, or builds blog posts or complete web page content as needed. All this while paying attention to the rules of search engine optimization.

Hosting provider

A business that provides space for your ecommerce website development UAE that is already running on your server. In most cases, this is completely separate from the developers, but in many cases the developer also provides the operating conditions. In this case, it is never worth choosing an independent hosting provider, as the developer / web agency can provide exactly the environment needed for the website to work.

SEO specialist

A person whose job it is to evaluate your existing Website Development Dubai and determine what can be improved on it technically or in terms of content to have more visitors and more visitors from your visitor.

Online marketing professionals

You may still need online advertising professionals to succeed on the web. For those who can give advice on how to appear online, deal with Facebook or Google Ads ad management, or have all of your Facebook or Instagram communication done for you.

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