What’s The Best Content Strategy For Ecommerce?

What’s The Best Content Strategy For Ecommerce? post thumbnail image

Despite a solid foundation, every eCommerce brand should have a logical architecture crafted to deliver the best user experience, and for that, you would need a solid blueprint of content strategy to implement.

Understanding Content Marketing

A form of inbound marketing, content marketing service for eCommerce is designed to draw the audience that is actually looking for what you are selling. The ultimate goal is to generate more leads and build your brand awareness, whether through search engines, video discovery platforms, social media platforms, or any other.

When you begin by introducing your brand prospects via free content, that instantly solves a lot of problems.

Here, you need to focus on creating high-quality and transformational content that answers all the questions of the audience and drives them to consume it all.

What To Deliver Via Content 

Analyze the problems of today’s customers and answer them by filtering out the best content. Here you can also add your products and how they can eradicate the real-challenge.

Another way to gather user’s attention is through sharing your own experiences. Developing a well-integrated and unified content marketing strategy, requires multiple forms of content. Implementation of call-to-action within your content will help you turn the audience into leads.

Types of Content Marketing Service

Blogging -The fundamental form of distributing content is blog posting. Through search engine optimization practices, one can easily yield long-term customers.

Video Content – People are driving more and more towards video content they enjoy watching more than reading. Videos are a proven method to drive a good amount of sales.

Email Marketing – In order to make loyal customers, you need to follow up with them at regular intervals, for which Email marketing is one of the best methods. 

Photography – Products crafted and displayed throw a great impression on the buyers and lure them for some action.

Customer Stories –  Also stated as reviews, people sharing their positive experience shared on your site adds confidence in new customers to buy products. 

Product guides – Added information, before the customers knock at customer care doors, are always better to explain to the customers about the product they are buying in a detailed manner.  

How To Implement Content Marketing To Scale

Publishing 500 word content will no longer suffice. Today’s audience looks for a comprehensive solution with multiple options to try on. 

However, competition has increased with time, and it becomes difficult to rank at the top each time in this rat race.

Well, retrieving an audience with the help of content strategy would require a few points to ingrain within your content. A great blogger, you will have to embed the information that goes above and beyond. In order to cloak such strategy, you would need-

  1. In-depth free course for your audience

  2. Interviews for uniqueness

  3. Free downloaded templates for exquisite designs

  4. Customized infographics for originality

  5. Audio recording for genuineness

Understanding a Comprehensive Ecommerce Service 

Ecommerce has evolved to make product discovery and purchase easier than ever before. Independent freelancers, small businesses, and large enterprises all have jumped into online retailing and have immensely benefited from it. 

The statistics share that retail eCommerce sales will enhance by $27 trillion by 2021.

Ecommerce runs on four distinct models that describe the consumers and business transactions.

  • Business to Business (B2B), such as software as a service to other businesses.

  • Business to Consumers (B2C), such as Amazon that sells direct goods to customers.

  • Consumer to Business (C2B), such as photographers with licensed photos, sells online for business purposes.

  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C), such as selling pre owned vehicles or devices to other customers. 

Ecommerce strategies work on first understanding the requirement of the audience complying with business needs. An eCommerce business must have a flexible and modern design optimized for each device for an exceptional user experience.

To build an enterprise-grade eCommerce platform, businesses must embrace appropriate yet trending technology that is capable of dealing with complex business requirements, workflows, and integration. 

Today’s eCommerce services are turning automated with the assistance of AI. Intelligent automation leverages business to feed massive and unstructured data into their systems and generate the desired results. Your eCommerce solution must comply with PCI managed to host a multi-instance, dedicated, or cloud hosting environment, which allows you to manage log, event, and control changing processes.

Advantages of Executing Content Strategy for eCommerce

A remarkable content strategy leads your audience down to a sales funnel that puts you in the position to help them address their needs, prove to be a reliable source of information and then turn them to loyal customers for paid business and long-term relationships.

Relevant content drives focus & purpose and gain grounds to competitors in place. Not just once, you will have to continue doing it till the time you want to compete with all other brands and stay ahead of them. The benefits of executing content marketing strategy for eCommerce is –

  • Encouraging trust in the audience for your brand.

  • Creating a distinct field for revenue generation.

  • Enduring value out of evergreen content.

  • Drives new traffic each time to the company’s site.

  • Assist in providing informative conversation.

Strategies for an Effective eCommerce Content Marketing Services 

Understanding the Persona 

Before writing and distributing your content, analyze who your target audience is! Identifying the audience through real data and marketing insights, you get the best idea of content creation. Moreover, these insights will help in refining your content depending on your sales funnel. 

To make the buyer’s journey a memorable one, you may want to include traits, such as –

  • Their personality profile (lazy, active, optimistic, skeptic & more) to determine the shopping behavior.

  • How motivated they are to buy your product

  • Their identification information, such as age, location, gender, and many more.

  • What social channels they prefer to use (in order to advertise)

All of the aforementioned information can be gathered through a few methods, such as forms, contact databases, interviews, feedback, and reviews.

Ways of Consuming Content

Since you have learned the kind of content they like to read, you must know the source or device they use to learn about your content.

This way, you can easily reach your audience. So, to target the source, ponder and find out-

  • The most popular social channel for your target audience.

  • The type of content they are interested in.

  • Their preferred way to make a purchase (through mobile or desktop).

  • The time they can invest in reviewing content.

How And Where To Distribute Your Content?

When you have completed writing your content, it’s time to market the content to reach the target audience.

As discussed earlier, filter out the channels where the audience spends most of their time.

  1. If you prefer to share images with your audience more than just content, you must share them on Instagram.

  2. If you prefer a quick and call to action description of your product, Twitter is the best handle for you to promote them.

  3. To have a loyal fan base and introduce a comprehensive description, Facebook is a perfect platform to market your product content.

  4. Another platform where you can focus on the visual appeal of the product is Pinterest.

  5. Sharing complete video content to add extra engagement, you must look for YouTube to market and share your content.

  6. LinkedIn is the only platform that targets business-oriented customers.

To gain traffic exponentially, you must distribute your content to relevant or high-authority websites. These websites already generate lots of traffic, hence sharing your content with them will divert them towards your business.

More and More Content Distribution 

We have discussed that blogging is the most fundamental form of drafting content and sharing it. Guest posting is a great way to get traffic, so you can look for the niche industry that writes blogs as you do.

Referral traffic is more valuable and shouldn’t be overlooked. To benefit from referral traffic, you must hit some renowned and heavy websites and become a contributor such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc., BusinessInsider, and FastCompany. 

Advertising Content PPC Campaigns 

Blogging can be a slow and steady way to enhance traffic there is a quick way to increase traffic. 

PPC is an immediate and effective Content Marketing Services, so you must have a strategic plan for campaigning. Your plan will help you determine a goal and set up a PPC ad, and the duration you and to run it.

Pay Per Click campaigns are a long-term investment that helps you determine the type of content to target based on testing and results. You can use PPC to test eCommerce sites and modify products for conversion rates. For instance, placement of product description, about us page, shipping info, return info, and more. 

Organizing and strategizing the next step is more important than getting immediate traffic, so prepare one for conversion rates.

In a Nutshell –

There is a multitude of ways to drive traffic. Make sure your first impression does not become the last, so plan accordingly. eCommerce content marketing is like baking a cake, when done right, you get the perfect taste, similarly, when marketed well, you get the desired results. An average conversion rate of eCommerce is 1-3%, which makes it challenging for the brands to attract relevant traffic.

So start by structuring a unique content with full proof research. Distribute the content to the places where your target audience spends most of their time. You can also take the assistance of PPC ads for quickening the process of generating traffic. Just be sure you are doing all right.

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