Which drug is formulated as the first pharmaceutical spray & aerosol paracetamol?

Which drug is formulated as the first pharmaceutical spray & aerosol paracetamol? post thumbnail image

The first pressurized metered-dose inhaler was introduced by Riker Laboratories in 1956. The laboratory launched an MDI inhaler that was known to be the first truly portable and convenient inhaler for the solicited treatment of lung as it delivered drug effectively to the lung and received widespread acceptance in the medical world. The introduction of MDI inhalers marked the beginning of the new-age pharmaceutical aerosol industry.

The surge in innovation in the later years further led to the diversification of the inhaler technology which helped pharma companies work on the efficiency and usage of these modern MDIs and nebulizer systems. This was a time when pharmaceutical aerosols were particularly custom-made by physicians for their patients as per their health conditions. And as development continued, the industrial revolution brought about a big advancement in manufacturing systems, delivery systems, and commercialization. By the 20th century, pharmaceutical companies started mass-producing aerosol sprays for a range of products that targeted not just the health industry but food, lifestyle, and automobile too.

Aerosols have a strong effect on the planet’s climate. These tiny particles, dust particles, or bits of black carbon that floats in the air has the potential to change the energy balance of the planet. Ever since the emergence of aerosol sprays, there have been debates about their application in everyday life. Be it the use of cooking sprays, hair sprays, decorative paints, or pharmaceutical sprays that have become widespread in today’s time – environmentalists see the use of aerosol sprays as frivolous and a potential hazard for the environment. With time the development of pharmaceutical products in the form of aerosol sprays has revolutionized the health and wellness sector. More and more therapeutic inhalers, pain-relief sprays, aerosol paracetamol, and ayurvedic spray oils are being formulated by pharmaceutical companies to ease usage and effectively cure varied diseases/ailments.

The advent of pharmaceutical sprays has led to nature-derived formulations that come with the goodness of ayurvedic oils and active ingredients that provide soothe to the muscles and ease out the pain. With a spray system, one doesn’t have to come in direct contact with the formulation or waste it by applying it through hands. The aerosol paracetamol and ayurvedic spray oils can be applied directly onto the affected area to start the effect instantly and provide effective use. As these sprays translate into everyday use, aerosol paracetamols are gaining momentum and bringing effective medicinal treatment as a comfortable experience! When it comes to pain relief or wellness products, pharmaceutical sprays have brought about a big change in the market. With innovative solutions to meet the demands of aerosol formulation, the use of ayurvedic spray oils has become widespread. Rather than using ointments or oils through hands, people can now apply them directly to the specified area, thereby reducing wastage and increasing effectiveness.

The fabricating process of pharmaceutical sprays is undertaken in two major steps:

 Mixing of Active Ingredients

 Propellant

Mixing of Active Ingredients: Any spray, ointment, or oil, works its magic because of an active ingredient in its formulation. For example, for ayurvedic spray oils, a blend of natural oils is used to stimulate the sensory nerves and muscles and provide soothing. These active ingredients are mixed with several other ingredients that stabilize the active ingredients and make them sustainable for use.Propellant: These are liquids that can readily be vaporized into gas form. They build pressure inside the container that helps to expel the active ingredients outside the container when the nozzle is pressed. The liquid propellant evaporates in the air while the active ingredients reach the surface and create the desired effect. In ayurvedic spray oils, the fabricating process is undertaken with great care to ensure that the ayurvedic formulation holds its authenticity while providing for effective use. It has brought about a revolutionary change in treating varied body and muscle pains like joint pains, muscle spasms, back pain, neck pain, etc.


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