Why Importance of Experience over Qualifications?

One of the most favorite questions of recruiting managers is, “What is your work experience regarding this certain job?” This mostly leaves the applicant with a sense of disappointment if he isn’t holding any prior experience to that specific-permanent job.

Even in the CVs, candidates use to right their qualification at first and then jump on to the section of achievements and work experience.

But, as per the collective data, work experience is counted more than the qualification. Majorly, companies search for the employee who has practical and theoretical approaches for the required job position.  

-A survey was done in the past showed, every two out of three employees were hired on the basis of their work experience.

Since the universities are taking a lot more years now to grant a degree to the undergraduates. The student needs to study for straight four years or sometime three years to gain his degree and then he is ready to move towards his professional life.

The debate has been taking place for so long in the working environment. The employees are in the argument that the recent graduate never has a key experience and he cannot meet the requirements of a working place and a certain job position.


We are already known to the fact that the experience is now the only thing which is looked in the candidate apart from his qualifications. This helps the recruiting manager and other employees to train the candidate as per the job’s prospectus.

Due to reason of bright real work experience, and experience holder is more worth the job position than a degree holder.

The blog experts and many cheap reliable essay writing service have also supported the idea that the candidate who carries more work experience possesses higher chances to get the job in comparison with the one who just has a degree and qualification.

With the help of an experienced candidate joining the organization, the recruiting manager would take him in the learning and training process easily. Practical implementation always plays a significant role in the learning period and a recent graduate cannot cope up with this phase quickly.

This is where the candidate is must to have a technical and practical approach in his chosen career!


Experience the holder is judged by the recruitment manager on several bases. He has to be efficient enough for the working environment and should be able to grab the concepts quickly and proficiently. Experience means an individual can hit the ground running.

Those days are no more when the employers used to have a look at the degree qualification and it was considered to be the only element for the job. Now recruiting managers are no more impressed with the degree only and they demand the work experience as well.

You might be wondering why the experience has become the most important factor for getting a job. Below I have compiled some advantages of having prior experience in your hand related to a certain job.

·         A person with a solid 2 to 3 years’ experience is guaranteed to have some relevant industry work while pursuing or after completing his studies. This can be the most vital yet valuable resource for the company’s growth.

However, a person who has just completed his degree and hasn’t worked on any relevant project must not be having any idea of how to contribute worthy participation.

·         Recruiting managers are now having a keen eye for the experience. Degrees are not the game-changer anymore and an individual must have hands-on skills to impress the hiring managers.

·         Theory and practical always go hand in hand. You have to be familiar with technical concepts and should be able to understand the mechanics of the job role.

Once you get to know some experience via unpaid internships and courses, you will definitely understand the requirements of the job smartly.

·         Your experience helps you to showcase several qualities. With the help of experience, the hiring manager can understand that you can work well in a team and your contribution will help the organization to grow in a positive direction.

·         With the help of your experience, your loyalty, punctuality, and other abilities are demonstrated.


As the degrees are no more impressive so turning towards unpaid or paid internships, short term courses leading to a practical approach and another diploma technical learning can help you to gain experience in your field.

The experience gaining phase will also introduce you to the everyday realities of working life and soft skills that you need. Also, the experience gives access to a huge network and community of working people which in turn helps in career planning!


Early practical and theoretical learning approach is now the new normal of working and professional environments. This guide will help you to plan out your ways for the experience gaining.

There are so many inspirational personalities that are successful with and even without degrees. Don’t forget to bring your talent with hard work because hard work can defeat the talent when talent isn’t enough to work hard!

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