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Why parents need to spy on Facebook of their kids?

Social media is a wild wizard, this is what experts are saying everywhere on the web. Social media stories are making headlines that parents should need to spy Facebook of their kids on cellphones connected to cyberspace. Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms and widely used among teens all across the globe. Everyone has a Facebook app installed on their phones and wants to keep it active all the time. The obsession with social media apps and websites is on the rise and young teenagers are second to none. Teens spend all day long on mobile phones active with Facebook.

What do kids do on Facebook?

Facebook is one of the classics of social media. It is more than one and half decade has passed, and it is still the largest social network. Kids are fond of instant messaging apps, and Facebook is at the top of the list to date. Teens use instant messaging app and websites for interacting with friends and family and with strangers. They send and receive text messages, and share media, like photos and videos. They also make chat conversations, voice, and video calls, and send voice messages.  Seemingly the activities of kids on FB are normal, but sometimes kids get involved in the following activities and with the following people.

Online dating

Facebook is one of the leading instant messaging that enables teens to use it for online dating. In the U.S more teens are using FB for online dating, sexual hookups, and many other risky activities. Teens are more likely to interact with sexual predators while finding out their significant other. Therefore, parents need to spy on kid’s Facebook activities.

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Facebook addiction

75% of the teens are social media-obsessed, and 56% out of it are using FB on their cellphone devices. Teens are more likely to share their privacy with strangers, like photos, videos, names, school names, and many other compromising things. 47% of the teens got distracted with they receive Facebook messages and notifications. Teens always want to stay online on instant messenger to catch up with their friend’s newsfeed, and shared media.

Interaction with online predators

Teens are more likely to interact and trapped by strangers by online predators. Kids got bully online, and stalkers trap teens for online relationships and then meet in person. Child traffickers and sexual predators are everywhere on Facebook. So, parents should protect teens from online predators, like cyber stalkers, bunny hunters, slut-shammers, and many others.

 Health problems

The excessive time on Facebook may cause health issues among teens and kids. So, parents should decrease the presence of children on Facebook and other social media platforms. They can track and monitor kid’s Facebook activities to make sure the safety from online predators and inappropriate activities. You can get to know how parents can protect kids from online predators on Facebook.

How to spy on kids’ Facebook?

Do you want to spy on the Facebook activity of kids? You can monitor and track them easily, but you have to have cellphone monitoring software. You can visit the official webpage of the cellphone tracking app and get a subscription. Now you can get physical access on the kid’s phone active with FB and start the installation process. You can get access to the online dashboard after you have completed the process of installation. Further, use the credentials and get access to the online dashboard and use the following mentioned features to spy on Facebook.

Spy on kid’s Facebook by using cellphone monitoring app Features

Facebook logs monitoring

Users can spy on cellphone devices active with the instant messaging app. You can monitor the logs of instant messaging app, like text messages, chat conversations, voice, and video call logs, and voice messages. Parents can monitor media file logs, like photos and videos.

Facebook VoIP call recording

Parents can record and listen to the FB voice calls using IM’s call recording app without root. You can share the data of the FB calls to the dashboard.

Screen recording

Facebook screen recorder is the best tool for parents to record the cellphone screen of kids active with the FB. You can record short videos of your phone screen active with Facebook.


The cellphone tracking app is the best tool for parents to spy on Facebook of their kids to make sure their safety from online predators and inappropriate activities.

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